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Republic Day Art and Craft Activities by class Pre Nursery to V
  • Event Date: 24-Jan-2023
  • Updated On: 25-Jan-2023
  • Total Photo(s): 84
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Description: Freedom in the mind, strength in the words, pureness in our blood and pride in our souls. Let’s salute our pride , our India on its 74th Republic Day. To celebrate this auspicious day, different art and craft activities were organised in LPS South City on 24.1.23 (Tuesday) for classes Pre-Nursery to V where students showcased their talent. The main objective of Republic Day’s activities is to enhance the creative skills of students. It also helped the children to improve their fine motor skills and concentration. Students also get indulged with the feeling of patriotism. Under this category Tricolour sting making, kite making, paper craft making , wall hangings, flag making , paper peacock making activities were done by the students of classes Pre Nursery to V. All the students have participated with great zeal and enthusiasm to show their craft skills integrated with the feeling of patriotism.
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