Director's Message
Rashmi Pathak

The motto of L.P.S. ‘come to learn and go to serve’ serves as the philosophy and the guiding principle in our educational endeavour and continues to fuel our commitment, to the cause of achieving academic excellence. The underlying philosophy at LPS is to provide a holistic, learner-centered, comprehensive, experiential and most importantly joyful deliverance of the education to each and every child in an equitable and inclusive manner.

The need for today is to create a Global citizen, with a philanthropic mindset and keeping this in mind the school ecosystem is developed in such a way so as to provide a progressive learning environment and to recognize, identify, foster and nurture all the essential capacities and capabilities in an optimum manner. An emphasis on conceptual understanding, creativity, collaborative learning and critical thinking automatically exhorts the students to achieve excellence, in not only curriculum but in all the domains of life which is an essential requisite for making them a good human being. The school offers a congenial and caring environment wherein each and every young mind feels welcomed and is offered an array of resources and learning experiences, ably supported by, the best of infrastructure. This is an era of transformation where the spectrum is not limited to just seven colours of rainbow instead of whole new limitless set of colours, is ready for embodiment through incessant and industrious pursuit for knowledge.

The academic curriculum is designed and delivered in a manner where the entire focus is not only on the learning of children, but more importantly on making them learn, how to learn. The inclusion of social and creative aspects, along with Linguistics, Mathematics, Science and Technology in the curriculum, enables children to be rational, ethical, compassionate and caring. We encourage the children to become keen observers, great explorers and users of what they have learnt.

Rashmi Pathak


Lucknow Public School
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