Teaching Methodology

Our approach to education is about making each day experience of the learners joyful. Teaching is no more telling and learning is no more listening so teaching learning process is simple yet extremely effective. Students are able to connect what they learn, to how it affects their lives. Students are trained to continuously explore a lesson at different levels inside the outside the classroom.

At Pre-Primary Level

Mother Teacher Concept

Teacher hold their students hand for a short while, but their hearts for ever. Students are nurtured under the tender care of mother teacher till class II. This concept helps in understanding the child and developing an emotional bond between the learner and teacher. Teacher’s personality knows the areas of concern.

Nursery & K.G.

The child learns to discover, explore and experiment in a stimulating and playful environment. Our focus at the Pre-primary level is to make the transistion between the secure home environment and formal schooling interesting also as joyful as possible for the child.

I & II

The methodology we use to teach the students of classes I and II is Activity based.

This involves a lot of co0curricular activities which assist the children in a better way. The children are given activity based assignments to check the retention of concepts taught. At this level we emphasis more on experimental learning. Hence this is our Enthralling pre-primary where we also provide an encouraging and loving atmosphere, fused with lot of fun, so that students shed their inhibitions and learn with free mind.

At Primary Level

III to V

This is our Enthusiastic primary level where the child is given ample opportunity to showcase his creativity. The child by now becomes familiar with the basic skills and is now initiated into formal instructions through interactive techniques.

The emphasis is on usage and application. The co-curricular activities allow them not only to gain confidence but also help them realize their potential in various fields. The important aim at this level is the learning of basics and forming a sound foundation which will enable the child to study more complex topics and problems at the succeeding levels.

At Junior Level


Middle school or as we refer it as Eventful Junior is the stage of transition for the students from an activity based learning environment in the primary section to the stage where teaching methodology is completely focused on the pursuit of knowledge.

We follow the CBSE pattern at middle school to meet learning objectives such as-

  • To develop cognitive psychomotor and effective skills
  • To emphasise thought process and reduce emphasis on memorization
  • To make evaluation an integral part of teaching learning process.
  • To improve student’s performance on the basis of regular diagnosis followed by remedial instruction.

At Secondary And Senior Secondary Level


All our teachers aim primarily to help the learner with systematic learning and development. Hence this is termed as our Enriched senior. The crucial factor in the teaching process in the quality of the lesson given by teacher. The teaching methodology is learner centred, nurturing academic excellence. Teaching method includes explaining demonstration, collaboration which establish a connection between the student and the topic of study. Inquiry based learning which develops experimental and analytical skills.

Great emphasis is laid on the development of communication skills and over all development of a child’s personality.

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