Scheme of Studies

Our schools follow the scheme of studies as prescribed in National Curriculum Framework-2005 by the National Council of Educational Research & Training (NCERT) and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New-Delhi. The scheme of studies from pre-primary to senior secondary classes is mentioned below-

Pre-Primary Classes Classes I & II Classes III to V
Hindi Hindi Hindi
English English English
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Art & Craft Environmental Studies Science
Music Computer Education Social Studies
General Awareness Art & Craft Computer Education
  Music Art & Craft
  General Awareness Music
Health & Physical Education Life Skills Education
  General Awareness
  Health & Physical Education
Classes VI to VIII Classes IX to X
Hindi English (Course A)
English Hindi (Course A)
Mathematics Mathematics
Science Science
Social Science Social Science
Sanskrit  Information Technology
Art Education Music
Computer Education Health & Physical Education
Health & Physical Education Art Education
Music Life Skills Education
Life Skills Education General Awareness
General Awareness  
Classes XI to XII  
English Core Business Studies
Physics Accountancy
Chemistry Hindi Core
Biology History
Computer Science Geography
Information Practices General Studies
Mathematics Work Experience
Economics Health & Phy. Education

Subject Combination For Classes XI & XII

1. Science:
Group-A English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths Computer Science/I.P./ Hindi
Group-B English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Computer Science/Phy. Ed. Informatics Practice/Hindi
2. Commerce:
English, Accountancy, B. Studies, Economics Hindi/Maths/I.P./Physical Education
3. Humanities:
English, Hindi, History, Geography, Political Science, Psychology Economics/ Phy. Education
4. Vocational Subjects:
Library Science

Computer Education forms an integral part of school curriculum from class I to XII. The students are provided with ample opportunities for hands-on experience with computers for preparing their projects, Presentations and other educational activities. The schools have latest versions of computer hardware and software tools in the computer labs. Information Technology is being used as an effective aid for teaching-learning.

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