General Rules
School Diary
  • School diary is a link between the school and parent. Parents are requested to sign the diary of their ward regularly to get updated about remarks & information concerning the child.

  • Parents are requested to ensure that their wards attend the school regularly. In case of any absence, parents should submit an application to the Principal.
  • Long leaves will not be allowed to the students during teaching days except on medical grounds, 80% attendance is compulsory to appear in the terminal examination as per the CBSE norms.

Late Arrival
  • If any child comes late more than three times in a month, a fine of Rs.10 will be charged after three continuous late.

  • One clear calendar months’ notice in writing, or a month’s fees in lieu of such notice must be given before a pupil is withdrawn from the School.
  • Those who leave the school in April have to in all cases pay the fees for the months of April, May & June.
  • Transfer certificate shall not be issued until all dues of the school are clear.
  • Students can be restricted from the school on grounds of indiscipline and bad conduct

Mode of Payment of Fees

    As per order of CBSE vide letter No. CBSE/SECY/SPS/2016 dated 10 December, 2016 in order to promote Cashless Transaction, the fee will be accepted only by Cheque/Demand Draft payable to 'Lucknow Public School'

  • Under no circumstances, cash will be accepted. Fee will be paid quarterly. Fee must be paid positively by last day of the month of April, July, October and January. Failing this, the same will be accepted with a late fee of ₹ 20/- per day upto the last day of the next month (i.e. May, August, November and February) through Cheque/Demand Draft in the school office with fee bill.
  • If you fail to deposit the fee of your ward upto the last day of the next month (i.e. May, August, November and February) the name of your ward will be automatically struck-off from the roll without any prior notice or information. Failing this, the child will not be allowed to attend classes from the 1st day of the 3rd month of the quarter (i.e. June, September, December and March.)
  • To re-admit the child, you will have to pay ₹ 1000/- as re-admission charge with all dues.
  • If the cheque bounces due to any reason, the fee will be deposited in cash in the school office along with cheque bouncing charge @ ₹ 300/- and admissible late payment.
  • All dues must be cleared before the commencement of the Term/ Examination. Failing to this, the child will not be allowed to appear in the Term Examination.
  • No fine to be waived off under any circumstances by the Principal.
  • Fee once paid will not be refunded in any case.
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