Rules for Discipline
  • Every student must carry his/her diary and identity card to school each day.
  • All students should come to the school regularly and punctually.
  • No child will be allowed to leave the school premises once he/she has come to school. In case any student requires to leave the school premises during the school hours, the parents are requested to submit an application to the principal.
  • In case of an emergency, parents will be informed and they will have to report to the principal.
  • Application for leave should be entered in the diary itself.
  • Students should come to the school in prescribed neat and well ironed uniform.
  • They will bring the books to the school according to the time table of the day.
  • The student should do the home work given in each subject regularly. Guardians are requested to sign the diary daily after checking it.
  • No student should damage any school furniture, write or draw anything on walls. Recovery for any damage will be made from the student concerned.
  • Students should bring only Text Books or Library books. (No other reading material)
  • Lending or borrowing of money or other articles is prohibited.
  • Distribution of birthday gifts in any from except toffees, chocolates is not allowed.
  • The school provides all the necessary material/equipments for sport activity during the games period. Students are not allowed to bring their own balls, bats, etc to school.
  • They will actively participate in all games, sports, athletics, cultural and literary activities.
  • The school reserves the right to suspend a student if his/her conduct is found to be unsatisfactory.
  • No student shall indulge in any of the following practices:
    1. Spitting in the school.
    2. Disfiguring or damaging school’s property.
    3. Rude behaviour and use of abusive language.
    4. Violation of school’s rule and regulation in any form.
  • Students are not allowed to come by any self driven vehicle other than bicycle. If they are found violating this rule, strict action will be taken by the school in the form of penalty of Rs. 500/-.
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