Admission FAQ's
Q1. When should I be applying for Pre-primary/ Primary/Secondary/ Senior Secondary place for my child?
Q2. What is the age criteria for seeking admission in L.P.S.?
Q3. What is the school timings?
Q4. What is the Admission process?
Q5. What is the Admission form and prospectus charges?
Q6. What is the fee structure?
Q7. Are any other charges beyond fee structure?
Q8. Which curriculum or board do you follow?
Q9. The School is up to which class?
Q10. Is there an entrance exam for seeking admission?
Q11. What is the strength of the class?
Q12. Whom do I contact for admission?
Q13. What documents are required at the time of Admission?
Q14. Does the school provide transport?
Q15. What are the charges for transportation and uniform, books & stationary cost?
Q16. Is any fee concession on 2 or 3 child of a parents?
Q17. Does the school conduct any outbound or educational trips?
Q18. Does the school cater to children with special needs?
Q19. What is the school policy on punishment?
Q20. What is the school system to ensure safety of the child?
Q21. What is your method of teaching?
Q22. What is Process of change of Date of Birth/Name in marksheet of class X/XII?
Q23. What amount of fee’s is refunded at the time of withdrawal?
Q24. Does the school has hostel facility?
Q25. Which sports are promoted in school?
Q26. Does the school organise counselling sessions ?
Q27. How is technology used in the school ?
Q28. How are children assessed ?
Q29. What is the value system of the school ?
Q30. What is the student teacher ratio ?
Q31. What are the streams available in class XI ?
Q32. What kind of remedial classes will be provided for students who are not able to cope ?
Q33. How do I pay fees ?
Q34. Do Lucknow Public School admits students from overseas ?
Q35. When and how parents can visit the school to meet the Principal / Teacher ?
Q36. How often do you communicate with parents and how ?
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